Emily Singleton

Emily Singleton, BCCT|

emily-resize_200xAs a Board Certified Thermography Technician, Emily is committed to providing women with a valuable adjunct tool for monitoring breast health. Breast thermography is completely safe, with no radiation or compression of delicate breast tissue. A breast thermogram can be used as a risk assessment for women of any age. This empowers you to make decisions at the earliest moment possible and take a pro-active approach to your health.

*As a Board Certified Thermography Technician, Emily provides clients with thermographic images to aid in monitoring health. A variety of image series are available, including breast, abdominal and cranial thermograms.

Please contact MPL Group’s Get Wellness Center for details. A proper intake and needs assessment needs to be completed, prior to your appoinment for Thermography. MPL Group’s GetWellness Center has practitioners who are caring, compassionate and confidential.

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